Our Laundry operates the latest eco-Girbau washing machines, Jensen feeders and folding systems. TLG are also one of a small select group that operates the remarkable Magic Eye quality scanning facility.

The image below details the investment TLG have made in recent years.

Not only can TLG process 1000 products an hour but we can do this more environmentally and cost efficiently than ever before This investment coupled with our industry experience enables TLG to set the standard in the laundry industry for service, reliability, sustainability, innovation and cost-efficiencies.

AirLinen 1987

Air Linen is launched by Karl & Tina Saleem with a sole focus of servicing linen for aircraft at Manchester Airport

AirLinen 1990

Air Linen expanded into the Hotel Sector, building an enviable reputation

SeatChic 2007

A subsidiary company ‘Seat Chic’ was created to supply event companies UK Wide

June 2007

Karl and Tina's
son Tarik became
Managing Director


Rebranded to
the Linen Group


Added an extra
9,000ft on to the
existing building

December 2014

Ironer Liner Installed

June 2015

Batch Washer Installed

June 2015

New Boilers Installed

August 2015

Magic Eye Scanning
Facility Installed

November 2015

Overhead monorail
transport system

December 2015

RFID Installed
into all our TLG stock

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