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Your success is our success.  Yes it is a cliché but you can not argue with data. Each of our items are installed with RFID chips, which generates data. This data shows us: how many items have been added, removed, lost, left on a shelf, frequency of use.  A simple analysis of this data showed that in 2017 The Linen Group serviced 570 rooms in Manchester, in 2019 we serviced 2895.  The Linen Group had grown 507% in 3 years….this growth was purely on customer referrals. So yes, your success is quite literally The Linen Groups’ success.

This data intrigued us.  Why was our laundry service in Manchester so popular? What was it about our laundry service that customer’s really appreciated? We knew we were busy, but why?  What aspects of our Manchester laundry service do our customer’s appreciate?  So we asked!

The first answer was unsurprisingly: price of the linen service!

The Linen Groups laundry is equipped with the latest machinery which generate water, chemical and energy efficiencies.  These savings are passed directly on to our customers. The Linen Group offer a competitively priced, value-added linen service.

The second answer: reliability of the hotel linen service.

The Linen Group is based in Sharston, that’s 6 miles away from Deansgate (the centre of the world), that means your Laundry service is based in Manchester, not Wales, Cumbria. . . Frankfurt.  Your Manchester Hotel is serviced by a Manchester Laundry, we know the roads, the best times and any sudden rushes.  It also means that any unexpected events The Linen Group can be there within minutes with your fresh sheets and your fluffy towels to help welcome your guests.

RFID also changes the process you don’t get the same amount of laundry delivered each day, whatever you have used you get back. This means you pay for what you have used not pay for linen that is sat on your shelf!

The third answer: quality of the hotel linen.

The Linen Group is a privately owned, local Manchester laundry service and its reputation is felt personally to Tarik Saleem (TLG’S Managing Director).  Tarik manages each of the accounts himself and would not be able to look the housekeeper’s in the eye if he gave them an inferior product!

At the start of the cycle we buy high quality, durable linen.  Quality is monitored with the use of ‘Magic Eye’ technology and RFID any linens that are damaged or have been used a certain number of times are pulled from circulation.

The Linen Group offer Manchester Hoteliers a Laundry service that is local, transparent, green, and cost efficient.

We don’t make hyperbole statements about being the best we let our data speak for itself.

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The Linen Group are also one of a small select group that operates the remarkable Magic Eye quality scanning facility. Not only can TLG process 1000 products an hour but we can do this more environmentally and cost efficiently than ever before.

Our RFID technology means that our Hotel customers will benefit from the following:

Analysis Reports

to spot trends

Transparent Invoicing

Stock takes

will take place within minutes (using handheld scanners) rather than days therefore reducing wages at the hotel.

Shrinkage reports

indicating which items have left the facility and have not yet returned to the hotel- to help locate the missing items.

Cost efficiencies

there will be less inventory in storage.

Wash Cycle reports

that each linen has undergone, along with which ones may need to be removed from the linen pool, ensuring high quality standards of linen.

recent case studies

Alderley Edge Hotel

Tarik Saleem Aug 1 2017

“TLG linen services are very professional with great understanding of our Customer expectations” – Hotel Manager, Alderley Edge Hotel.   “Very friendly staff and top quality services.” .

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