Hotel Laundry Automation

Our automated laundry is a productive, efficient laundry. The Linen Group’s investment into automation technology has significantly reduced our operating costs for hotel linen laundry service which is why we can bring you the highest quality product and laundry service at very competitive pricing.

Each piece of linen is installed with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag. The RFID tag holds the following information; what item of linen it is installed in, where it was last scanned, how many times it has been washed – the info graphic below demonstrates the laundry process.

investment timeline

Stage 1

Customer to Van

Stage 2

Van to Counting area

Stage 3

Scanners in counting area receive signal from the RFID chip and counts it as back in stock

Stage 4

Data is used to adjust production workflow in real time.

Stage 5

Packers can pick an order to replenish customers stock exactly

Stage 6

Items are scanned out, if an item is picked incorrectly for instance a wrong colour or size the system notifies the packer and doesn’t allow the order to proceed

Stage 7

Item scanned out and days counted until returned to laundry

The Benefits Of Automation of Hotel Linen Laundry Service

A transparent, reliable invoicing process

RFID provides accountability for all products through the entire laundry process.

Guaranteed stock quality; stock is removed after a specified number of washes.

100% accuracy on delivered quantity and colours; what you order, you receive. The order cannot be completed on the system until the exact order is scanned out.

Inventory cost savings; the automated process means customers will need less inventory in storage.

Stock takes will take place within minutes (using handheld scanners) rather than days.

View signed delivery notes online, check past orders, re-print invoices, view account history.

Access our systems 24/7 to input orders, increase or decrease on-site stock level or amend quantities.

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