Environmental Responsibility

We actively look at ways to improve on our environmental performance. Our sustainability isn’t a list of promises it is effective day-to-day action; from our investment into the latest energy efficient technology to active stake-holder involvement.

In recent years we have invested heavily in energy efficient machinery. TLG uses continuous batch washers; which recover all of the rinse water in the machine and can be reused in the wash zones, prewash zones and wetting out section. This means nearly 100% of the fresh water entering the machine is recycled and used elsewhere for washing.  This saves water, energy and chemicals as residue chemicals are reused and the recycled water will be hotter than the fresh incoming water.

Infra-Red Energy Control System (reduced linen wear)

Continuous Batch Washer (very low water consumption by means of an internal water reclaim system)

Oil Ironer instead of Steam (50% Energy Reduction)

Integrated Energy Recovery Systems (up to 60% Energy Savings)

TLG staff are trained to understand our policies; one of the objectives given to our Drivers in their Job Descriptions is to manage their day-to-day deliveries in the most economical route possible reducing costs and our Carbon footprint!

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the products and services we acquire do the least amount of damage to the environment as possible. All of our stock adheres to: the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), accreditation ISA, SA8000

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