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Established in 1987, The Linen Group is a second generation, family owned Manchester Laundry. The Linen Group are specialists in providing bespoke hotel laundry solutions; whether you are a national chain hotel or a family owned boutique hotel we are confident that we can provide you with transformative commercial laundry services in Manchester. The Linen Group have over 35 years of laundry experience and are the first Manchester Laundry service to use innovative RFID technology. We do not have customers we have partners; The Linen Group flourish when you do! It is our excellent customer service which is why we have long lasting relationships; we have supplied one of our clients for over 28 years!

The Linen Group remain at the forefront of industry changes. Our RFID and automation technology bring reduced production costs, reduced wastage, and improved quality control. It is this technology coupled with our industry experience that allows The Linen Group to bring you a quality laundry service Manchester at minimal cost.

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